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The Cooperative is managed by a Board of Directors selected from and by the members

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The current Board of Directors consists of:

  • Mr Josias van Zyl (Business Executive) - Chairman
  • Mr Ian Dunnett (Chartered Accountant) - Vice Chairman
  • Mr Chris Maakal (IT Specialist)
  • Mr Daan Joubert (Technical Analyst)
  • Mr Evert Hulsman (Chartered Accountant)
  • Mr Hendrik Kasselman (Retired IT Specialist)
  • Mr Willem Pretorius (Business Executive)


Mr Basil de Goede (ex-Vice Director of Registrar of Cooperatives)

Management and Administration

RBK Asset Management (Pty) Ltd, represented by Willem Pretorius. Willem was the initiator and one of the founder members in 2003.

Board Of Directors

Bank Details

Current Account

Branch Code        : 51 0001

Account number  : 011-975-792

SWIFT                  : SBZAZAJJ

Bank Manager Details
Mr Fazel Williams
Business Banking Montana
Standard Bank Montana│Shop U 80 Upper Level│Kolonnade Shopping Centre
For any Queries/Requests Please contact:
BizDirect Response Centre: 0860 109 075
Tel:  +27  12  523  9213  │Fax  to  Email:  +27  866  341  764 │Cell:  +27  74  353  0155

Administrator (For all queries)

PO Box 1078, Montanapark, 0159

10 Melba Place, Montanapark, Pretoria, 0182

Tel:  +27 (0) 12 548 6727

Fax: +27 (0) 86 680 5803



Knox Titanium Vault Company (Pty) Ltd

Tell phone: (011) 646-1919

Fax +27 86 270 1659

Address: No 1 River Street Houghton, 2196, South Africa


Xodus Gold makes use of two external auditing firms who in turn make use of an independent accountant for monthly bookkeeping. Stocks are verified and controlled through the use of four separate systems, namely Xodus Administrative System, an external accountant, and two external auditors. 

Snijder & Associates Inc

PO Box 31061, Totiusdal, 0134

Tel: +27 (0) 12- 329 7209

Fax: +27 (0) 12-329 6045



  • External interim and financial audit
  • Monthly stock audit
  • Board Meetings
  • Safe deposits and withdrawal party


Zurich Insurance. Brokerage information below:

PO Box 38932, Garsfontein East, 0060

18B Garsfontein Office Park, 645 Jacqueline Drive, Garsfontein, Pretoria, 0042

Tel: 0860 694 500

Fax: 0860 694 511


Standard Bank
Snijder & Associates
Garrun Pretoria
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Any natural person, closed corporation, company, trust or accepted legal entity may become a member.

The membership fee (share) is a notional R1, provided that the member has holdings in precious metals. Non-RSA residents are entitled and welcome to join. 

The application can be done online or by downloading the application form under downloads.

Membership will be confirmed after the first bank deposit has been made. Surname and Initials are to be used as deposit reference on the first deposit. Xodus bank details are available on the website under details.

Member statements

Members have live access to their portfolios which include information such as:

  • Member's deposits and withdrawals 
  • Units allocated per transaction 
  • Value of member's interest reflected in Rands
  • Number of gold or silver pool units representing the member's interest at market prices on the date on which the statement is issued.

Xodus stock and cash balances are fully disclosed to its members

Become an Agent

Since Krugerrands falls outside FAIS regulations, any person can refer new members to Xodus and earn commission on referrals.

As agent/broker you can assist new members to apply online and if you are FSP your clients' portfolio values and information can be viewed and edited online. 

Commissions can only be charged on deposits made as and when they occur and is not calculated on annual values.

Since Xodus acquires stock at wholesale prices, the only initial fees a member pays are the initial administration fee of between 0.25% and 1.75%. To charge a 2% commission on average will still provide the metals at very competitive pricing.

​​​​​​​Apply to become an agent/broker on the same page as applying for membership but select BROKER in the dropdown.

Become An Agent