Consolidation And Amendment Of Constitution​​​​​​​

In terms of Sections 67 and 88 of the Xodus statute, the statute may be amended by general meeting of members. 

This notice is for a special general meeting (electronically) called by the board for a special resolution to be passed to amend the statute with member approval.

The consolidated version of the present statute, with amendments, now called the Constitution instead of statute incorporates the provisions of The Co-operatives Act, 1981 [Act 91 of 1981], as amended and is to be approved by members. 

The amendments were unanimously approved by the Xodus board during a board meeting held in Pretoria on 13 March 2021.

As a member, you are required to approve the amended Constitution by way of special general meeting.  You may vote for or against the proposed amendments as contained in the amended Constitution.

Should you represent a separate legal entity (Trust or Company) you may vote on behalf of such entity by proxy.

The Xodus board approved the amended Constitution which can be viewed below. 

Please cast your vote by 31 March 2021.

(Click on the document or options to page through it and to view full screen)

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