Costs and Fees

Xodus is a non-profit co-operative, meaning that the Co-op does not make profits from the investments since all growth (after fees) accumulates in the pools. Fees recouped from the pools are used for paying costs associated with the administration, insurance, and safekeeping of assets.  Stock is bought at wholesale prices and NO margin is added.  All costs are fully transparent.  Please note that the fee structure below may be subject to change with thirty days' notice. Any changes will be updated on our website.  

Note that all fees are subject to VAT and the fees below exclude VAT.

All Deposits and Debit orders

Administration Fee

Based on the gross amount of any deposit:

< R100 000: 1.50%

≥ R100 000: 1.25%

≥ R500 000: 0.75%

≥ R1 000 000: 0.50%

≥ R2 500 000: 0.25%

(e.g., If a member makes a deposit amounting to R1 000 000, the total fee will be 0.5%)


A percentage as agreed between broker and member or applicant.  Online applications without a broker will be charged a minimum of 0.5% commission payable to RBK Asset Management for maintaining the website.

Switching between pools

0.25% of the value switched.


Ongoing Fees

The underlying pools will contribute pro-rata (on value) to the overall cost of insurance, safekeeping and administration fees.  Pools will not subsidise each other.  Fees are generally around 1% p.a. for the Gold pool and 0.8% p.a. for the Silver and Platinum pools. The asset manager will charge a performance fee based on the performance in the trading pool, generally up to 1/5 of nett profits made. The unit price of a pool will reflect the fees deducted from that pool.

Krugerrand gold

No fee for cash withdrawals.

A high-value courier (RAM) charge applies for the delivery of gold, silver or platinum to any place in RSA or globally. The charge is currently around R250 plus 0.4% insurance.  If the value were to exceed R150 000 there would be an additional charge for an armoured vehicle.  Non-RSA residents should contact us for information regarding deliveries offshore.

Should you wish to collect at our dispatch point in Pretoria or Johannesburg, a nominal fee of 0.15% will be charged.