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Step by Step to download the app

​​​​​​​Our mobile app for Android as well as IOS is live and available for download and installation.  This is a very helpful tool for members of Xodus Gold Co-op, AEM Co-op and Goldsave Co-op.

Mobile App Online

FOR ANDROID : Follow link : or click on image below to install, or on Playstore search for My Co-op.

My Co-op
My Co-op APP


Search for "My Co-Op" and install the app with the logo below:

My Co-op APP instructions

Read instructions further down and download and read the INSTRUCTIONS & GETTING STARTED

Silver Krugerrand

Please note:

*      My Co-Op app is available for Android as well as IOS.

*      Available for members of Xodus Gold Co-op, AEM Co-op and Goldsave              Co-op.

*      Application identifies you on your cell number.  If you want to allocate one of        your accounts to another family member, change the current cell no to that        of your family member.

*      First login is your cell number and Password@123 as password. Please              change your password after first login.

*      The app will allow you to view your pool balances as well as outstanding            loans.  It will also allow you to activate requests such as deposits,                        withdrawals, switches between pools, transfers to other members, applying        for loans & benefits where allowed.  Further development will allow more              functions over time.

My Co-Opp App